Photo: Caroline Clements

Writer, Producer & Editor

Melbourne ➔ Sydney


Writer and editor Caroline Clements spent a year traveling around Australia to research for her books 'Places We Swim' and 'Places We Swim in Sydney'. Then later, she embarked on a six-month journey around California in a motorhome, and the result is a book about the best swims in the state.

The books, written with partner, photographer Dillon Seitchik-Reardon, are a selection of stunning beaches, pools and lakes where the couple love to swim and take in the view. Caroline was the founding editor of the digital publication Broadsheet, produced the guide What to Eat and Where to Get it, and is the Australian editor of the global travel and lifestyle website A Hotel Life. Currently based in Sydney, we caught up with Caroline ahead of the release of her latest book to discover some of her favorite spots to swim in California.