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Reșița ➔ Berlin


Architecture has been Romanian–born, Berlin–based Oana Stănescu’s passport to see the world. Oana has lived and worked in Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, the US and most recently Germany. Yet, it’s this life lived across cultures that Oana attributes to honing her uniquely limitless creative thinking — a factor that has seen Oana rack up time in the company of clients such as MoMA, Nike, Adidas, Coachella and Kanye West. A firm believer in the ideas exchange of teaching, Oana has also taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Columbia University and the Architectural Association in London. Following a decade–long stint in New York, where she was a former co-founder of celebrated design firm Family, Oana wanted to return to her home continent and develop a stronger foothold in Europe. Since 2020, she has been settling into life in Berlin, relishing in the space the city carves out for her creativity.