Entrepreneur & Designer @ Tongoro

Paris ➔ Dakar


For fashion entrepreneur and designer, Sarah Diouf, the road to helming a Beyoncé-approved brand has been far-flung. She was raised in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast before moving back to her birthplace, Paris, where she completed a masters in marketing and communication. Sarah began her professional career by establishing Ghubar in 2009, a quarterly digital magazine promoting African and Middle Eastern fashion and arts. She followed this with NOIR in 2015, a biannual lifestyle magazine connecting Black women globally, before an unexpected move to Dakar, Senegal, where she began her fashion label, Tongoro. A celebration of African essence and the continent’s pastiche of culture and colour, the brand’s regal, airy aesthetic has been a go-to for the likes of Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell and Alicia Keys.