Photo: Kasper Kristoffersen

Co-Founder @ SPACE10

Copenhagen ➔ Mexico City


Danish storyteller Simon Caspersen likes to walk. Perhaps this is unsurprising given he comes from a city where everything is a 15-minute walk, or cycle, away. Simon is a Co-Founder of SPACE10, a Copenhagen-based design and research lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet. From food futures and emergent technologies to climate science, Simon finds ways to communicate complex issues in a visual form that resonates — and hopefully inspires people around the world to design innovative solutions. Simon’s well-stamped passport has traversed Lebanon, Palestine, India, Italy and Japan, but it was the seductive streetscapes of Mexico City that caught his very Copenhagen-attached heart off-guard. Since then, CDMX has lured him back again and again.