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About Anwar BOUGROUG

Anwar Bougroug always knew he would have his own label one day. His passion for fashion was first sparked during summers spent with family in Marrakesh, where he found himself surrounded by the craftsmanship and creativity ingrained in the culture. After relocating from his adopted home of Oslo to Stockholm, with stints in Spain and Morocco, Anwar finally realized his childhood dream and founded Bougroug in 2017. His sustainable, genderless clothing, which combines simple Scandinavian silhouettes with eye-catching Moroccan prints, saw him land on Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 in 2021, and receive overwhelming support from the creative community in Morocco and the wider MENA region. We chat to the multitalented designer about merging cultures through his brand, fresh perspectives gained through travel, and where to experience the energy of the city in his Marrakesh Travel Playbook.


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