Deniz OVA

Executive Director

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About Deniz OVA

As the Executive Director of Istanbul’s cultural institution Salt, Deniz Ova spends her days collaborating with artists, designers and thinkers who are dedicated to design education and its influence on future states. Originally starting out in theater and music, German–born Deniz has since built a diverse resume and project list, and is now a vanguard for innovative thought. She has worked in prominent managerial and directorial roles for Istanbul’s Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), the Istanbul Design Biennial, and continues to advise on research-based exhibitions, publications, web projects, conferences and workshops with various cultural institutions in the region. We chat with Deniz about pushing creative thought in volatile political climates, art accessibility in the digital era, and how to be ravished by the rich history and culture of the Turkish capital for her Istanbul Travel Playbook. 


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