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About Eri MIYAGI

Growing up in Tokyo, Eri Miyagi always felt like an outlier. So she set out to find her community. That quest started at age 14 when she enrolled herself in a boarding school in British Columbia. After a year there, she moved down to North Carolina for high school. During one winter semester break, looking for work experience, she cold-called the Tokyo office of Kenya Hara, the legendary graphic designer and Art Director of MUJI, and, to her surprise, he answered and offered her work. That phone call set Eri down a design path that’s led to work as a creative lead for Fortune 500 companies, luxury brands and, most recently, herself. In 2022, Eri launched her own design studio and co-founded Japanese food company, Cabi Foods. We sat down with Eri to discuss her experience of being a third-culture kid, launching her own food brand, and her NYC Travel Playbook.


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