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About Melodie YASHAR

Iranian-American designer and technologist Melodie Yashar spends her days thinking intently about the future of living in space. While studying architecture and human–computer interaction, she submitted a virtual design to NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge and was awarded first place. Twice. These innovative designs propelled her towards a decade-long collaboration with NASA, developing concepts for space flight and habitation that feel more human. From mid-century Californian furniture to micro-homes in Japan, travel is what kindles Melodie’s understanding of diverse spaces, and helps her approach design for beyond Earth’s atmosphere. She then funnels this knowledge into projects like ICON’s Mars Dune Alpha — a 3D-printed habitat that will simulate a year-long Mars mission. It’s this confluence of emergent technologies, speculative design, and space exploration architecture that sparked a move to Austin, Texas, where the tech scene is mushrooming and weekends are nature-filled. We chat with Melodie about where her creativity has taken her, designing for life in space, and her food-focused adventures in Austin.


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