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About Patrik WALLNER

The desire to know what lies beyond the next border is the driving force for photographer and filmmaker Patrik Wallner. Through his photographic lens, he gives viewers a different perspective on places and societies often overlooked. Patrik has traveled to more than 100 countries between Europe and Asia, traveling through each by land, revealing unexpected skateboarding locations in the streets of Yemen, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and more. Born in Germany and of Hungarian descent, he is now based in Hong Kong and shoots for brands including Red Bull, Vans, The North Face, and has been published in Thrasher, Vice and HYPEBEAST. Even when scratching the itch to travel, Patrik confesses he has a hard time leaving his adopted home in Hong Kong. We chat with Patrik about traveling border to border with skateboard and camera in hand, and his Hong Kong Travel Playbook.


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