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‘Traveling is the best way of opening your mind and being creative.’

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Feature by Michael Canning

Following art school and fashion school — including specialized studies in knitwear — French fashion designer Alix Petit launched her own internationally popular fashion label, Heimstone, in 2007. Five years later, however, with the brand ready to expand, she turned her attention to the USA.

Having already spent many years traveling in the country — and with an Australian fiancé also keen to relocate alongside her — she set up home and business together in New York City. We spoke to Alix on the influence on her work of life in New York, upcoming plans for her brand and feeling most creative on planes.


On moving to New York

I always wanted to live in New York, so it was a very exciting time for me. My twin sister was living there for seven years already with her husband, and I was going back and forth all the time, without being able to officially move there, as my company was strongly developing in France. 

Heimstone store and marketing campaign, Paris

I am French and I have a French fashion brand called Heimstone, and at this time I was living in Paris. Onur, my fiancé, is Australian and his company, FOUND, was at this time based in Australia. When we met in New York, we obviously had to find a country to live in! He moved to France with me for a few months, but very fast we both agreed that NYC was going to be our home.

When we decided to move, everything went very fast and very smoothly. We were both feeling that we belonged there, it was an amazing time. We moved to New York in May 2012. Onur loves New York as much as I do, so it was a pretty easy decision to make!

'Waking up in the morning, and feeling the energy of the city through my window, and feeling so lucky for being there.'

On creative inspiration in New York

I really liked living in New York because I was feeling very free in my personal life but also in my work. I was feeling that all the barriers French people like to put in front of you finally disappeared. In New York, people are motivated, happy, welcoming and open-minded; everything seems possible. I remember waking up in the morning and feeling the energy of the city through my window, and feeling so lucky for being there. Just getting on my bike and going through the city, discovering the hidden spots, looking at the people and their styles is probably the best inspiration you can get.

On one thing you should do when you arrive

Rent a bike, and bike as much as they can. Each neighborhood is so different.

Pages from Alix's design sketchbook

On creativity and travel

My favorite place to work is on a plane. Every time I travel, I feel I have some oxygen bubbles getting through my brain and I feel so much more creative. Traveling is the best way of opening your mind and getting creative.

On new projects

I’m always working on Heimstone with all my love and passion. I just finished designing the winter 17-18 collection. I also want to start designing prints, fabrics and collections for other brands. This is my big 2017 project, I am very excited about it.

'Every time I travel I feel I have some oxygen bubbles getting through my brain and I feel so much more creative.'

Collaboration between Heimstone and Le Coq Sportif

On a favorite collaboration recently

Last winter, we did a great collaboration, HEIMSTONE x MONOPRIX, which is the French Target. It was amazing as it was a very complete collaboration: babies, kids, women, men, and female lingerie. We are working on another great collaboration but it is too soon to talk about it!


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